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On 4 October 2017 the Additive Manufacturing Maintenance Operations (AMMO) working group conducted a teleconference with over 40 participants.

Meeting Summary

3rd Joint FAA – Air Force Workshop/ Summary of the Recent AM Activities at the FAA – Dr. Mike Gorelik (FAA/Chief Scientist) presented a summary of recent AM activities at the FAA, including the AFRL AM Workshop on Qualification & Certification of Metal AM Parts, recent organizational changes at the FAA, and the FAA Strategic AM Roadmap. A key workshop takeaway is that high rate production of AM parts is now a reality. Other briefing highlights include the statement that a new Policy and Innovation Division has been created in the FAA “AIR” organization, and the first FAA AM Roadmap will be finalized later this year.

America Makes Parts Family Classification Working Group – Marilyn Gaska (Lockheed Martin) described the purpose of the group to establish a framework to enable sharing of success stories, qualification and certification history, and facilitate the adoption of AM for sustainment, with the objective to reduce the inherent barriers that result from the perception of risk.

AM Wargame Final Report Rollout – Ray Langlais (LMI) explained the AM Wargame Planning Group completed a final review and the report is at the editors. The future focus areas contained in the report include the recommendation to set up 4 workgroups in the following areas: Development of an AM contracting guide for DoD; Development of AM acquisition policy language; How to secure data transmission for AM and the digital thread; and an end-to-end “pathfinder” study to look at the AM sustainment process from contracting to delivery.

Proposal for Developing “Contracting for AM Guidebook” – Capt Kurdian (NAVSUP) described a proposal to develop an AM Contracting Guide for the Navy and Marine Corps. He noted the need for a singular source that lays out the various business models and methods of acquisition for AM–related products and services. His brief included an historical context, construct, existing material, and some recommended actions to include a timeline.

Mx and Sustainment Advisory Group Update  – Marilyn Gaska provided a quick update to include ANSI’s work adding sustainment issues to the Standards Roadmap, and the October face-to-face meeting in Youngstown.

Brief update on Joint Additive Manufacturing Working Group (JAMWG) and Steering Group (JAMSG), Overview and Actions – Tracy Frost (OSD(MIBP)) described the history and purpose of the two groups and their role to influence and accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing, and in so doing, empower the warfighter through research, development, acquisition, production, and sustainment of DoD products and systems. She also discussed a few documents to include: NDAA 2017 “Additive Manufacturing Recommendations”; the MacStravic Action Memo on AM -Signed in July 2017; the JAMWG/JAMSG Charter -approved by JAMWG September 2017; and the Additive Manufacturing Report to Congress.


Next Meeting: – The next AMMO WG call is scheduled for 10:30-12:00 am (Eastern Time) on Wednesday, 1 November 2017.

POC this action is Ray Langlais, LMI,, (571) 633-8019



Dr. Mike Gorelik, FAA/Chief Scientist – (3rd Joint FAA – Air Force Workshop Briefer)

Q1. Can we get a copy of the FAA roadmap to post on the AMMO roadmap?  How did the FAA Roadmap compare to the USAF roadmap issued in 2016?

A1. The roadmap is currently going through management review, but I hope to be able to share with the public once approved. The FAA has a very different charter than DoD. The FAA main focus is certification and safety, not manufacture and procurement. The FAA focuses on risk factors.

Q2. Did GE relay when their AM capabilities will be available on the market and how they may compare to currently available manufacturers capabilities i.e. EOS, Stratasys, etc

A2. The keynote presentation will provide a perspective. GE uses a combination of organic and inorganic capabilities. GE is poised to become not just one of the largest machine manufacturers, but also an end user.

Q3. What are the primary differences to qualification/certification for AM flight critical parts vice traditionally manufactured parts?  What are currently the largest impediments?

A3. At a high level, it is the number of attributes…material, location, properties, defects, etc. The tools and the methods need to be developed.

Q4. Is the Air Force Roadmap the America Makes DoD roadmap, or do they have something different?

A4. Each Service has their own roadmap, facilitated by America Makes. Each roadmap is embedded in the DoD roadmap.

Q5. Who is the contact for collaboration regarding AM at the FAA?

A4. You may use me for now.


Marilyn Gaska, Lockheed Martin – America Makes Parts Family Classification Working Group



Q1.  Who do you envision using the output of this family of parts effort and how do you envision them leveraging this work to advance AM?

A1. The output of this family of parts effort could be used by a number of users who are assessing the applicability of AM to solve a sustainment problem or as part of strategy. Goal is to provide framework to make it easier to leverage prior efforts. The Working Group is open to use case recommendations.

Q2.  Is the focus to provide collaboration tools, or more of a workshop?

A2.  Trying to have a process of sharing.  Open to requirements and moving forward. Help AM practitioner organize information. For example, this effort to help provide pointers to people at a tactical level.


Capt Kurdian, (NAVSUP) – Proposal for Developing “Contracting for AM Guidebook”



Q1. How or does your effort fit in with the Air Forces Enterprise Product Support Engineering Additive Manufacturing & Cold Spray Efforts programs?

A1. This of course is a Navy effort, so I don’t really know. I do hope it expands.  Our focus is contractual and legal relationships between the government and industry. We want to hear what the other Services are doing.  I will be including an Air Force Representative for the Working Group.

Q2.  Will this effort integrate with the next AMMO/AM Wargame or working group?

A2.  If that is the path, then yes. This effort does utilize a large amount of information from the first two AM Wargames.


Tracy Frost – Brief update on Joint Additive Manufacturing Working Group and Steering Group, Overview and Actions



Q1. Are these documents and information available on a website somewhere?  Can we link that site to our AMMO site?

A1. We can put all the documents in one place and send to you. They are not all publicly releasable, so distribution will need to be selective.

Q2. Do you anticipate promulgation of JAMSG/JAMWG efforts for DoD workforce education and training?

A2. Absolutely. It is not a topic on the table right now, but it will be considered and discussed. Huge requirement for America Makes and will be included.

Q3.  Comment: John Rice (DAU) will reach out to Tracy Frost



FAA AM Overview_Gorelik 10-4-17 AMMO WG Rev_A
AM WORKSHOP AGENDA AUG 29-31 2017 – Final
4 October Introduction
Contracting Guide Proposal for AMMO Group
Additive Manufacturing Maintenance and Sustainment Advisory Group_091517_Charter
Keynote GE Additive FAA at UD 8-29-17



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