AMMO Monthly Meeting

AMMO WG Teleconference Minutes – 12 September 2018


On 12 September 2018, the Additive Manufacturing Maintenance Operations (AMMO) working group conducted a teleconference with over 60 participants.  A summary follows:


AM Intellectual Property Guidance: Eric Kirchner, DLA, provided an update on the steps that the group has taken since the 30-31 May workshop. Kirchner shared with the group the status of the draft IP White Paper that DLA is currently working with an estimated release of the rough draft by end of September 2018 for comment. DLA remains the focal point of collecting IP related issues and bringing them to light that will help integrate IP language into the AM contracting guide, as appropriate. Nelson Williams from Army G-4 mentioned the document that is currently staffing through ASAALT with an IP focus that may be helpful to the DLA effort. Greg K from OSD(MR) will reach out to request an advanced copy and ask for release permission.


Information Assurance on 3D Technical Data Packages and Blockchain:
Col Howie Marotto, USMC, provided the group with a brief overview and update on Blockchain and how it is currently being utilized in DoD. The USMC has successfully completed the SWIX Blockchain project, which transferred parts to be printed in Norway. The draft report has been completed and expected to be released soon. Blockchain and the supply chain has become a common trust vector. As highly sensitive product data travels between industrial companies, suppliers, and subcontractors, ensuring the security and integrity of intellectual property becomes a major challenge. The integrity and traceability of the AM digital flow is critical to prevent counterfeits, maliciously modified, poor quality, or uncertified parts from entering the physical supply chain.

The team also defined two actionable project scenarios that could be excuted if funded.

Scenario One: Data Provenance in the AM Digital Thread- this includes blockchain technology throughout the life cycle of the part from the CAD design to printing a part to ensure full auditability back to original design.

Scenario Two: AM Large Metal Ordnance: Surge capability enabled by AM
TDP delivered from government to many vendors to meet a surge need in a validated and expanded industrial base.  Also expands the potential for a reliable source of supply enabled by AM as an alternative source of manufacturing.

Joint Additive Manufacturing Model Exchange (JAMMEX) Project Update: Dennis Butcher, AFRL, briefed the group on the JAMMEX. The JAMMEX stakeholder council is formed and meeting monthly to guide the initiative and to resolve any issues that need to be addressed by the government (i.e. data schemas, network policies, etc.). America Makes is due to provide a proposal for JAMMEX by 28 Sept.  Anticipated kickoff of the initiative on 1 Nov in conjunction with the America Makes Member Meeting and Exchange.


AM Contracting Guide Development: Noel Koenig, NAVSUP, and Eleanor Shelton, NCMS, briefed the group on the status of the AM Contracting Guide. The workshop was highly attended by participants across DoD with legal, contract, trade association, industry, and interest group personnel. The AM Contracts Guidebook development is going through the funding process and dedicated work will start as soon as that contract is executed. From there, the team will review and organize sections that they have received from the three breakout groups and conduct a review with SME’s to ensure accuracy. The team has identified the goals:

  • To produce a full draft by early spring 2019 and present to the DoN
  • By thinking about the unique properties of AM parts, they hope that this resource will be helpful to not only DoN contract specialists, program managers, and those who work with AM produced parts, but eventually will be used throughout the DoD enterprise.
  • The intent of this Guidebook is to assist the DoD with procuring the right parts, at the best price, to enhance warfighter readiness.


America Makes AM Mx and Sustainment Advisory Group: Susan Moehring, TechSolve, provided the following update:

  • OSD AMMO WG Chair Greg Kilchenstein provided AMMO August meeting highlights.
    • Decided on joint America Makes AM for M&S Adv Group / AMMO WG meeting in October with leads from AM Workshop teams providing updates since May
  • Robert C Bird Institute (RCBI) Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, Lucinda Curry, Director of Workforce Development provided overview of work.
  • M&S Parts Classification for AM Working Group Update – Susan Moehring reporting for team
    • Two months of bi-weekly meetings with Sept. 7th meeting providing review of discussions at FAA/ESA AM Qualification and Certification Workshop held at NIAR
    • Recommendations to focus on similarities with AM qualification / certification and other manufacturing processes. Susan will confirm perspective with AMMO call participants.
    • Marilyn took action to summarize efforts of working group for past year and recommendations for review by WG in October prior to MMX face to face Nov. 1
  • America Makes News – Dave Siddle provided and update on workforce education and outreach, which provided for RCBI efforts. Oct. 30-31 Members Meeting and Exchange (MMX) details shared. Project call 1 and 2 deadlines were reviewed.
  • AM for MMMX Face to Face Agenda Nov. 1 8AM to Noon at America Makes in Youngstown, OH will highlight AM for sustainment case studies to include Honeywell, Naval FRC-East, and Caterpillar so far. Additional presenters welcome (in person or virtual).


This is the link for all of the presentations that were made during the 30-31 May AM Workshop:


Next Meeting: – The next AMMO WG call is scheduled for 10:30-12:00 am (Eastern Time) on Wednesday, 3 October 2018.


POC for this action is Ashley Mitchell, LMI,, (571) 209-2629

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Date(s) - 09/12/2018
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