Action Items – 28 January 2015

America Makes has a sustainment working group.  Tobyhanna Army Depot is now a member of this working group. This group is led by Ed Morris.  Tinker AFB will be a member of the group.

Quality Made – Billy Short, ONR, Action:  Greg K. to obtain permission to release Quality Made Brief to the America Makes POC.

Action:  Rob Gorham to send America Makes brief to Greg

Action:  Ed Morris to set-up meeting with Steve Welby, OSD Systems Engineering with Greg and Mr. Johns

Action:  Ed Morris to provide the brief regarding Model Based, (definition, sustainment etc.) to Greg

Action:  Add MIBP to the JDMTP portion of the AMMO graph.  Having the key leaders for each of the services to the JDMTP panel.

Suggestion to rename the AMMO from consortium to partnership

Add DLA, MDA and Joint Staff to the partnership graphic

Roadmapping would be the first initiative (execute in parallel)

Quality Made (ONR effort) would become under the umbrella of AMMO

America Makes is having a PMR in April 14 – 16, Youngstown, OH. Overview of projects, etc.  OSD and NCMS should attend

Action:  America Makes needs to execute a membership agreement with NCMS to attend the PMR
PMR could be an opportunity to socialize the AMMO concept.  (Rick and Ralph)

Action:  Ed Morris will brief AMMO to Go Additive to Jennifer.  Greg to investigate what the charter of Go Additive (all federal agencies) is.

AMRDEC – Safer program.  Need to obtain additional information from Greg.

ASME Y14.6 (Additive Manufacturing standard doesn’t exist)

Leverage the DoD Maintenance Community to demonstrate AM initiatives, focus on hard to source components, limited quantity

NCMS Portal – add capability as a category in the portal.  Specifically Additive Manufacturing

AMMO brief needs to be tailored and will specifically address additive manufacturing for maintenance.  Needs to focus on specific on maintenance related areas.

Focus on additive manufacturing processes that are ready to be approved (Stacey comment), low hanging fruit.

Navy issued a bulletin to the aviators and mx community.  Action:  Greg to send to Stacey.  Greg to also send a copy of the bulletin to Mr. Chris Lohman.  Greg to send to Ed Morris.


Develop an Additive Manufacturing for Maintenance Roadmap at depth (AMMO) – Action:  NCMS/OSD

DoD Roadmap – Action:  America Makes.  Maintenance Roadmap – higher level, Action:  America Makes

(NCMS and NCDMM will collaboratively work on the roadmap)

Action:  Rob Gorham to create an SOW, schedule and cost for the development of the roadmap
Action:  NCMS to provide a POC for Rob to work with

Negotiate a reciprocal membership between America Makes and NCMS – Action:  Ed Morris

Action:  Greg to identify high profile weapon systems parts (four key critical parts), timeline near term, scope of work and resources.
Would be included in the Mx Roadmap.  Greg will have input to the project awards

Action:  Greg to schedule a call with Stacey regarding follow-on action items and next steps.

Action:  Debbie to provide Ed Morris the NCMS dues structures