AMMO Monthly Meeting


On 3 April 2019, the Additive Manufacturing Maintenance Operations (AMMO) working group conducted a teleconference with over 45 participants.  A summary follows:

 JAMWG / JAMSG Overview – Kelly Visconti provided highlights from the session to include:

  • Data and Model Sharing Council is working on developing standard data package contents.
  • Researching a better way share data to get to an approved package – minimum viable data sets with a common language.
  • Quality and Certification Council have a Project Call, “Advanced Tools and Qualifications”. Selection should be in a few months.
  • Looking at Machine Repeatability and how it affects quality (Your input is welcome…on any group)
  • Education Workforce Development Council – How to determine if we have the right qualifications and certified people. Categories include:
    • Engineering
    • Acquisition
    • Technical Level & Skills
  • Business Practices Council – AM Contracting Guide –Navy will distribute outside of our working group for the beta/peer review (due 30 Jun), and the official sign-out due date is 30 Sep. (Note: this is still in draft form and dependent upon the beta/peer review – this is not yet official.)


Advanced Manufacturing, Materials, and Processes (AMMP) Ecosystem Update – Cosima Boswell-Koller, NCMS, explained that AMMP is focused on creating next generation manufacturing breakthroughs to meet warfighter needs through a unique ecosystem model. The AMMP program focuses on unprecedented speed in part production, novel weapon system designs and materials (unattainable with current technology), dramatic cuts in cost and delivery times, and point-of-need part manufacturing. He also described the Advanced Manufacturing Collaboration Center (AMC2) and the eight collaborative projects underway. Finally, he listed several methods available to collaborate with NCMS.

Markforged Briefing – Ali Ghahremani (Markforged) and Ken Mann (Carasoft Technology) discussed expeditionary metal printing, materials, and software used in 3D manufacturing. The described the advantages of continuous fiber materials and the advanced properties possible by using fibers in to create hybrid parts. They also described new machines and metals being used and the Eiger software in use by the USMC EXFAB Program. Lastly, they discussed the Markforged Additive Manufacturing University whose goal is to accelerate successful AM adoption by creating customer certification programs to help organizations.

America Makes AM Mx and Sustainment Advisory Group Update: Marilyn Gaska, Lockheed Martin, provided the following update:

  • Army gave a brief focused on materials.
  • Conducted AM Workshop 2019 Planning
  • Dave Siddle provided a virtual America Makes update.
    • Provided MAMLS Results
    • Presentation on America Makes Visual Storefront
  • Discussed Annual CTMA Partners Meeting
  • The 2019 Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainment (AA&S) Conference April 22 – 26 at National Harbor, MD
  • NCDMM Summit 2019 in Blairsville, PA on May 8 – 9.
  • The America Makes annual members meeting is Oct 22-23.


GE Efforts Briefing: Steve Duclos, GE, Prabhjot Singh, GE described multiple GE additive capabilities, the difficult additive process, and limits associated with additive such as cost, constrained size and materials, and digital insecurity. They also detailed several additive efforts GE Research is involved in to include expanding the materials catalog, distortion prediction and compensation, on machine sensing and control for optimized builds, artificial intelligence to minimize post-process burden, and minimizing inspection through intelligent build. Lastly, they discussed the use of additive in repair with hot DMLM, cold spray, directed energy deposition, and battlefront metal 3D technology.

Next AM Workshop/AM DTM – Greg Kilchenstein. 18–19 June at the Lockheed Martin Global Vision Center in Crystal City, VA.  The planning team has been working on the five Work Groups:

  • Data Standards and Data / Model Sharing – Leverage (JAMX America Makes Project), TDP Standard Project (NAVAIR Lakehurst), Cyber security challenges and solutions (Blockchain). Sub-working Group – America Makes Storefront (Body of Knowledge).
  • Qualification and Certification – Leverage Government Council. Meeting on Thursday…more to follow.
  • Business Practices – Leverage Government Council – Murder Board
  • AM Contracting Guide – Beta Version, Review Comments and Finalize Contracting Guide
    • AM Integration into Supply Chain
    • IP Management
  • Workforce Development – Government MBC, Bill Kobren, Andy Monje. In addition, someone from the services that is establishing a training center
    • Technician Certification Program
    • Joint Education and Workforce Development Program
  • DoD AM Policy Development – Leaders – Government – Greg Kilchenstein, Tracy Frost / Kelly Visconti. Solicit input from industry

Next Meeting: – The next AMMO WG call is scheduled for 10:30-12:00 am (Eastern Time) on Wednesday, 1 May 2019.


POC for this action is Ray Langlais, LMI,, (571) 633-8019



Markforged Briefing – Ali Ghahremani (Markforged), Ken Mann (Carasoft Technology)


Q1. Any special power requirements?

A1. No, but the furnace requires 220V.


Q2. How much larger does each part need to be in order to achieve near net shape?

A2. It will accommodate and do the scaling for you.


Q3. What environmental effects?

A3. Printers are pretty agnostic to temperature changes. Well suited to wide ranging operating environments.


GE Efforts Briefing – Steve Duclos (GE) and Prabhjot Singh (GE)


Q1. What are your email addresses?

A1. &



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