AMMO Monthly Meeting



On 8 September 2022, the Additive Manufacturing Maintenance Operations (AMMO) working group conducted a teleconference with approximately 50 participants. A summary follows:


Introduction:  Debbie Lilu (NCMS) welcomed the group, discussed administrative protocol, provided an overview of the agenda, and introduced Steve McKee (OSD-MR), who provided a brief overview.


Advanced Manufacturing Commercialization Center– Mark Pickett, SAE Government Technologies, described the Advanced Manufacturing Commercialization Center (AMCC) as a cutting-edge manufacturing center that develops and commercializes advanced manufacturing processes and standards that accelerate product development, reduce costs, and keep legacy equipment operating.  He described the facility and initial capabilities, scope (standards and workforce management, and data synthesis & management) and business outreach examples.

The Better Way to Restore and Protect Your Assets, Titomic’s D523 Cold Spray System – Jessie Lang, Titomic, described Titomic’s low pressure (70 psi) D523 Cold Spray System as both a portable and static capability able to perform surface reconditioning and protection through the application of coatings, and repair through dimensional restoration. The system can be used with a wide range of metals to include Aluminum, Zinc, and Inconel 625 (He). Jessie discussed several use cases to include rapid and inexpensive tool repair, crankcase repairs, and over 200 cast iron and bronze parts per year at a shop in Singapore.

MxD Update – Shashant Shah, MxD, discussed the MxD Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) feedback survey. The survey’s goals are to provide project prioritization targets for MxD, help align MxD’s project portfolio to the needs of the government and defense industrial base, align the portfolio with investment direction of the ecosystem, highlight potential gaps, and provide new project ideas. There are four surveys (Links to each are included):


2023 SIP Refresh Timeline

  • September 29 – Q3 EC Meeting – Review Project Prioritization & Investment Strategy Discussion
  • October 14 – SIP Feedback sessions conclude
  • November – Draft SIP Refresh Release for Comment
  • November 16 – Q4 TAC Meeting – Prep for 2023
  • December – Q4 EC Meeting – SIP Refresh Approval
  • January 2023 – 2023 SIP Refresh Released


America Makes Mx and Sustainment Advisory Group (AMMSAG) Update – Marilyn Gaska (LMCO) provided an update that included the following:

  1. Did not have an August meeting due to America Makes10th Anniversary.
    1. 400 people attended Anniversary at Youngstown.
      1. Congressman Tim Ryan (Ohio)
      2. Tracy Frost – OSD(MANTECH)
    2. Digital Storefront Briefings
      1. Hypersonics
      2. Small and Large Business Forums
    3. Continue work with AM Workshop Groups.
    4. Upcoming America Makes events:
      1. TRX Meeting in Oct 18-19 at Huntsville, AL
      2. AMNOW Polymer Challenge – Sep 8
      3. Simulation in AM – Sep
    5. Todd Spurgeon – Project Calls (Go to America Makes Website)
    6. Next AMMSAG meeting: Next meeting is Sep 15.


JAMWG Update – Brett Connor, OSD(R&E) provided the following updates:

  1. Reviewing JAMWG performance and priorities
  2. Next JAMWG meeting is Oct 20 in Huntsville, AL (Following TRX Meeting)
  3. AM Guidebook is in editing now then will proceed through the DoD public release approval process to share throughout the DoD supply base.


Next Meeting: – The next AMMO WG call is scheduled for 10:30-12:00 am (Eastern Time) on Wednesday, 5 October 2022.


POC for this action is Ray Langlais, LMI,, (571) 633-8019

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Date(s) - 09/07/2022
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM