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2020 AMMO Workshop Questionnaire

The planning team for the 2020 Workshops requests responses from stakeholders to include the following information (you may respond to any one or all of these questions). Responses will be accepted until 31 October 2019. Which topics from the June 2019 Workshops (listed below) should be a focus in 2020? What specific information, outcomes, or [...]
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3D printed metal certification gets $1.5 million boost from U.S. Department of Defence

A research consortium set up to accelerate the certification and qualification of 3D printed metal parts is to be given a share of $2.7 million, provided by the U.S. Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment Funds. Of the fund, approximately $1.5 million will be shared between the Colorado School of Mines and the Alliance for the Development […]

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3-D Printing Is Changing Way Air Force Fixes Its Aging Planes

3-D Printing Is Changing Way Air Force Fixes Its Aging Planes Posted: 02 May 2017 01:58 PM PDT from Three-dimensional printing is becoming more prevalent in the defense industry, as engineers explore the process to make parts for the most sophisticated U.S. weapons, such as intercontinental ballistic missiles. But lesser-known projects have been in the […]

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First 3D-printed aircraft component takes to skies at FRCSE

Military pilots have to stay cool under pressure, and the first 3D-printed component at Fleet Readiness Center Southeast will help them stay that way. The forearm-length piece of air duct tubing, constructed with a composite material known as Ultum 1085, marked a major step forward for the Navy command that is charged with maintaining, repairing and overhauling aircraft. […]

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New ORNL study: A full overview of metal 3D printing technologies and their bright future

Metal 3D printing is currently being used for the development of some of the most exciting 3D printed parts around, from airplane engine components to space-bound satellites. But the reality is that metal 3D printing encompasses a very diverse group of technologies that are piled together, even though they use different techniques for forging different […]

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Defense AT&L Magazine (Nov-Dec 16 issue) : Special Edition – Additive Manufacturing

The long-anticipated Special Additive Manufacturing-Themed edition of Defense AT&L Magazine (Nov-Dec 16 issue) is now available at   The articles include: An Overview of Additive Manufacturing (Nov-Dec 16) <> Ensuring a Safe Technological Revolution (Nov-Dec 16) <> The Digital Thread as the Key Enabler (Nov-Dec 16) <> Separating Hype from Reality (Nov-Dec 16) <> […]

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