Defense AT&L Magazine (Nov-Dec 16 issue) : Special Edition – Additive Manufacturing

The long-anticipated Special Additive Manufacturing-Themed edition of Defense AT&L Magazine (Nov-Dec 16 issue) is now available at


The articles include:

An Overview of Additive Manufacturing (Nov-Dec 16) <>

Ensuring a Safe Technological Revolution (Nov-Dec 16) <>

The Digital Thread as the Key Enabler (Nov-Dec 16) <>

Separating Hype from Reality (Nov-Dec 16) <>

Additive Manufacturing as a Sustainment Enabler -An Industry Perspective (Nov-Dec 16) <>

Harnessing the Potential of Additive Manufacturing and Competition (Nov-Dec 16) <>

Paradigm Shift -Additive Manufacturing and the New Way of War (Nov-Dec 16) <>

Metals Additive Manufacturing -Great Promise in Mitigating Shortages but Some Risks Remain (Nov-Dec 16) <>

Driving Innovation to Support the Warfighter -Additive Manufacturing Initiatives Within the Defense Logistics Agency (Nov-Dec 16) <>

Getting AM Up to Speed Across the Army Life Cycle (Nov-Dec 16) <>

Great Expectations – AM in the Joint Advanced Manufacturing Region (Nov-Dec 16) <>

Implications of AM for the Navy Supply Chain (Nov-Dec 16) <>

Challenges of Enterprise-Wide AM for Air Force Sustainment (Nov-Dec 16) <>

Collateral Damage -Potential Unintended Consequences in Aerospace and Defense Industrial Base (Nov-Dec 16) <>

Foundational Principles For a Successful Life-Cycle Product Support Strategy (Nov-Dec 16) <>


Links each article have been added to the Additive Manufacturing Community of Practice (AM CoP) at and we’ve added a blog post to the DAP at