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On 2 May 2018, the Additive Manufacturing Maintenance Operations (AMMO) working group conducted a teleconference with over 60 participants.  A summary follows:


Additive Manufacturing of Carbon Nanotube Metal Matrix Composites – Sherpa, Inc.: Fred Herman presented an overview of the research efforts conducted by SHEPRA and the University of Dayton Materials Engineering Department.   Their research into carbon nanotube metal matrix composites for AM was completed as part of a Navy STTR program looking at 17-4 stainless steel for structural applications and an Army SBIR program looking at aluminum for use in sabots for long rod penetrator projectiles.


The core technology involves the mixing and dispersion of carbon nanotubes with in a metal powder metal powder that can be used in a multitude of powder metallurgy manufacturing processes such as Additive Manufacturing.  Analysis of academic literature and test results from research indicated that the carbon nanotubes acts as “long fiber” reinforcement similar to carbon fiber in a carbon fiber polymer matrix composite and improve the stiffness and strength of the overall composite.  As a result, this approach is not limited to a specific material system and has been demonstrated in aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, copper and other metals.  In addition, the carbon nanotubes act as nucleation sites during melt pool solidification and have been used to successfully process non-eutectic alloys such as 6061 aluminum that cannot otherwise be AM processed.  The final benefit that the carbon nanotubes appear to provide is a noticeable change in the absorption spectrum of highly reflective materials such as copper or aluminum.   Again, this benefit allows for the processing of some materials that cannot otherwise be AM processed. The SHEPRA / UD Materials Engineering department team expect to be under contract shortly for a phase II contract from the Navy.


Baking AM Requirements into the Acquisition Process – USMC: Col Howard Marotto briefed the group on the Marine Corps I&L current discussions on incorporating AM requirements into all future acquisitions and the process. Col Marotto will be leading the working group at the 30-31 AM Workshop in Crystal City, VA with the four focus areas:

  1. How does the DoD incentivize industry to incorporate additive manufacturing in all new acquisition?
  2. Both, DoD and Industry, end goal is sustainability, and ultimately having the control over future design, which allows industry an innovative opportunity that manufacturers could never imagine – ultimately, allowing systems to be even more resilient and efficient. By incorporating design in all AM parts moving forward.
  3. Technical Data Package (TDP): should TDP’s be in a format that allows for a 3D printing in the future? Such as a 3D PDF. The group will discuss print particulars such as materials, digital repository, machine, angles, etc. As well as the relationship. Will the OEM maintain, sell, or charge per usage? What price is that? How do they determine the price on their product?
  4. Sustainment to allow obsolescence to be obsolete. What AM Business Model is best for DoD and Industry? What about long-term? And how do we get there?


AM Workshop – OSD(MPP)  – Greg Kilchenstein briefed the group on the upcoming 30-31 May 2018 AM Workshop at the Lockheed Martin Global Vision Center in Crystal City, VA. The two-day workshop is expected to be the next step in the AM implementation into the Department. To find the agenda, group abstracts, and register for the event by 11 May, visit


The workshop will have five groups:

  1. Develop an AM Contracting Guide for Navy / DoD

changing technology.

Working Group Lead: CAPT Armen Kurdian

  1. Information Assurance on 3D Technical Data Packages and Blockchain

its capabilities to verify and record digital transactions.

Working Group Leads: COL Howard Marotto (USMC) and Dana Ellis (NCMS)

  1. Pathfinder Scenario Study of AM Repair Parts

Working Group Lead: Liz McMichael (NAVAIR)

  1. 3D Model Exchange

Working Group Lead: Alex Viana (NAVFAC)

  1. AM Intellectual Property Management

Working Group Lead: Tony Delgado (DLA)


Additive Manufacturing (AM) Policy for Sustainment Update – OSD (MPP): Greg Kilchenstein briefed the group on DoD’s status update to industry about the AM policy for sustainment. Currently, the DRAFT Directive-Type Memorandum (DTM) will enter formal staffing on 3 May with the Services, Research and Engineering, and Acquisition and Stakeholders. The language of this policy was crafted by the Joint Additive Manufacturing Working Group (JAMWG). The policy will provide interim policy guidance and assign responsibilities for use of AM for all stakeholders. It will be signed out at the Deputy Secretary of Defense level; DTM’s expire within 12 months of implementation and will be replaced by a DoDI. The DTM will cover Qualification and Certification, Integration into DoD Supply Chain, Workforce Development, Intellectual Property, and Collaboration and Data Sharing.


America Makes AM Mx and Sustainment Advisory Group Update – Lockheed MartinMarilyn Gaska provided the following update:

  • March: American Foundry Society Additive Manufacturing Initiatives – Brandon Lamoncha, Humtown Products
  • April: AM Adapting Blockchain Technology for Additive Manufacturing CTMA Project – Dana Ellis, NCMS, and Jim Regenor, MOOG (presentation will be distributed to AMMO); preview to one of the AM Business Model Workshops on topic.
  • Comments due 5/4 on America Makes & ANSI Additive Manufacturing Standardization Collaborative Roadmap II.
  • AM M&S Parts Classification for AM Working Group next meeting will be after Susan Moehring completes summary of baselines gathered to date.
  • Aircraft Airworthiness and Sustainment Conference April 23-26, Jacksonville, FL AM for Sustainment Expert Design Session with MAMLS, YSI, UDRI and Boeing presentations; AFRL AM Lead / America Makes CTO Mark Benedict did 4 hour tutorial.
  • RAPID + TCT, Ft. Worth, TX, April 23-26
  • CTMA/DLA Partners Meeting, Richmond, VA, May 7-9
  • NCDMM’s Annual Summit and Golf Outing, Blairsville, PA, May 9-10
  • AM Business Model Workshops, Crystal City, VA, May 30-31
  • Dave Siddle from NCDMM/America Makes highlighted the seven awards Award Announcement from RAPID + TCT:
    • TOPIC AREA 1 – Feature-based Qualification Using Directed Energy Deposition
  1. “Featured-based Qualification Method for Directed Energy Deposition AM”
    • Led by General Electrics, in collaboration with EWI, Raytheon, and Youngstown State University (YSU).
  • TOPIC AREA 2 – Understanding Manufacturing Realities of AM
  1. “Accelerating MAMLS Direct Part Production: Effects of Defects in Laser Powder Bed Fusion AlSi10Mg”
    • Led by YSU, in collaboration with 3D Systems, Boeing, Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), Lockheed Martin, Oerlikon, Penn State Applied Research Laboratory (ARL), University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI), and Vibrant.
  2. “Understanding Stochastic Powder Bed Fusion AM Flaw Formation and Impact on Fatigue”
    • Led by PSU ARL, in collaboration with 3D Systems, Moog, Inc., Oerlikon, and United Technologies Research Center (UTRC).
  3. “Evaluation of Defects in Metal LPBF AM Using Multiple Lasers”
    • Led by The Ohio State University (OSU) Center for Design & Manufacturing Excellence (CDME), in collaboration with GE Additive and Proto Precision Manufacturing Solutions.
  • TOPIC AREA 3 – Emerging Process Technology for Low Criticality Part Families
  1. “Demonstration of 3D Composite Based AM (CBAM) Build Process for Low Criticality Part Families”
    • Led by Utah Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Initiative (UAMMI), in collaboration with Impossible Objects (IO) and the Utah Composites Lab.
  2. “AM of Low Criticality Part Families via Continuous Liquid Interface Production”
    • Led by United Technologies Research Center (UTRC), in collaboration with Carbon, UTC Aerospace Systems, and Pratt and Whitney
  3. “Rapid Part Replacement via Digital Light Processing”
    • Led by University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI), in collaboration with 3D Systems, Lockheed Martin, Orbital ATK, and Northrop Grumman.


Next Meeting: – The next AMMO WG call is scheduled for 10:30-12:00 am (Eastern Time) on Wednesday, 6 June 2018.


POC for this action is Ashley Mitchell, LMI,, (571) 209-2629



Title: Fred Herman (Sherpa) AM of Carbon Nanotube Metal Matrix Composites

Q1. Fred, are you aware of the AM work being performed successfully using “cold spray” as the metal deposition process?

A1. Yes I am. I was at the initial Sandia cold spray launch in 2003.

Q2. Is anyone working on a draft powder spec for nano-tube infused AM feedstock?

A2. No, not that I know of. I would be willing to participate.

Q3. What is the heat treatment of AlSi10Mg?

A3. It is a combination of temperature and time. We used 550 Fahrenheit for 2 hours


Title: Col Howie Marotto (USMC) Baking AM Requirements into the Acquisition Process

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Title: Greg Kilchenstein (OSD) AM Business Models Workshop 2018

Q1. Will the 3D printable TDP include the IP on unique material and print particulars (machine, print orientation, print particulars, etc.)

A1. That is what we will discuss. Ideally, we want all of that. All the additional data…printer, etc. Realistically, we have decide if we can afford that and what makes sense to include in the TDP or establish TDP levels.


Title: Marilyn Gaska (LM)   America Makes AM Maint & Sust Advisory Group Update

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AM Workshop AMMO Brief

RAPID 2018 Presentation_ Follow Up



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Join us for the AMMO monthly meeting!

Check the news section for topic and agenda updates.


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Date(s) - 05/02/2018
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