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AMMO WG Teleconference Minutes – 7 July 2021

On 7 July 2021, the Additive Manufacturing Maintenance Operations (AMMO) working group conducted a teleconference with approximately 65 participants.  A summary follows:

Introduction:  Debbie Lilu (NCMS) welcomed the group and provided an overview of the agenda.  She also mentioned the George Mason University AM Policy Event on 14 July. Visit the following link:

Additive Manufacturing Supply Chain Management – Michelle Meyer  (Matter Providers) described an AM Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS) model which would provide a supplier-agnostic, single point of sourcing and delivery. The model would reduce lead time, costs and waste, and provide leverage and a scalable solution for key geographic hubs.  The SCaaS category management partner would provide a tailored set of materials driven by demand signal, then source, store and deliver with customized material handling services. Additional services include engineering and R&D team access and a database of material specifications from multiple suppliers. Visit for more information.

America Makes Mx and Sustainment Advisory Group (AMMSAG) Update – Marilyn Gaska (LMCO) provided an update that included the following:

  1. John Wilczynski virtually presented the America Makes Distinguished Collaborator Award to Greg Kilchenstein during the opening plenary of the 2021 AM Workshop. The award was established in 2014 to recognize individuals or organizations with an exceptional commitment and dedication to advancing additive manufacturing technology, practices, and innovation in the manufacturing industry.
  2. There was no June AMMSAG meeting due to the AM Workshop.
  3. The May AMMSAG meeting includes a briefing on Rapid Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing Prototype (RLAMP).
  4. July events include:
    1. July 13 – AMCPR Crisis Response Challenge Workshop
    2. July 13 – AMSC Feedstock Materials for AM (Virtual Event)
    3. July 21 – Designing the Future of Sand 3D Printing (Virtual)
    4. Military AM Summit & Tech Showcase (Tampa, FL)
    5. July Events:
    6. Aug 3-4 TRX @ OSU 2021 – America Makes (Not Virtual)
    7. To register for events go to

MxD Update – Chris Krampitz (MxD) discussed MxD’s strategic planning process, high level timeline and objectives, investment plan, and provided an overview of the portfolio of products to include completing projects and requests for proposals. For more details, see his attached slides.

June 2021 AM Virtual Workshop Out Brief – Ray Langlais (OSD-MR) provided an overview of the recently completed 14-21 June AM Virtual Workshop, to include purpose, participant demographics, agenda, survey results, and highlights of the workgroup out briefs. Survey results were overwhelmingly favorable, and some very good recommendations were received. The survey is still open at For more details on the survey results’ and to view the work group briefing slides, see the attached file. The final report will also include this information.


Next Meeting: – The next AMMO WG call is scheduled for 10:30-12:00 am (Eastern Time) on Wednesday, 4 August 2021.

POC for this action is Ray Langlais, LMI,, (571) 633-8019



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