2021 Additive Manufacturing Workshop

Due to the extended DOD stop-movement order restricting domestic and international travel for all DOD personnel, the 2021 AM Workshop (June 14-21) will be conducted virtually. 


Highlights from the 2021 Additive Manufacturing Workshop

Below you will find:

Additive Manufacturing Working Groups

Additive Manufacturing Working Groups

The Additive Manufacturing Workshops will feature these focus areas:

AM Working Groups:

Research & Development to Advance AM Qualification and Certification – (Mark Benedict- AFRL, Jennifer Wolk- ONR, Jeffrey Gaddes- Army & Brandon Ribic- America Makes)

The intent of the workshop is to outline opportunities for strategic research and development (R&D) to address gaps in additive manufacturing (AM) Qualification and Certification (Q&C). The workshop has historically served as an important opportunity to influence focus and prioritization for funded R&D activities.  The workshop will include reference materials and presentations to aid brainstorming and understanding of AM Q&C as well as examples of ongoing relevant efforts.  The goal of the workshop is to identify and develop near-term and long-term plans to address gaps in AM Q&C via R&D.

Cybersecurity– From Current to Future State an understanding of cybersecurity resources available today and what will be needed for tomorrow. (Jon Powvens- MxD, Greg Shannon-CyManII, Larry Lynch -OUSD(R&E), Manufacturing Technology & Adwoa Amofa- OUSD(R&E), Manufacturing Technology)

This workshop will focus on what industry, academia, and manufacturing USA institutes are doing to help solve the current issues facing DoD today and what will need to be done to ensure a more secure tomorrow. Presentations/Discussions/Tabletop scenarios will help shape the dialogue over the two days with action items to ensure continued progress towards the common goal of securing America’s supply chains and the Defense Industrial Base. Participants will engage with MxD and CyManII to inform national roadmaps for cybersecurity in manufacturing.

Education and AM Workforce Development– Building Your Case for Additive!  Premiering America Make’s Newest Instructor-led Virtual Training and Workshop “Adopting and Optimizing Additive Manufacturing.” (Josh Cramer- Education and Workforce Development, SME & ToolingU SME ) Writing a solid and compelling business case for integrating additive technologies into production operations is the first step in embracing this revolutionary technology.  However, writing that business case requires a solid understanding of both the what’s, why’s, and how’s of additive manufacturing as well as effective business communication skills. These are now available through America Make’s newest instructor-led virtual workshop “Adopting and Optimizing for Additive Manufacturing.”  This new program is part of an America Makes/NCDMM led Manufacturing Engineering Education Program (MEEP).  America Makes with member/partner SME and ToolingU, will pilot this workshop at AMMO 2021 for up to 15 participants (pre-registration is required) so space is limited.

This two-part training/workshop first offers participants a highly interactive, virtual learning experience where the instructor will demonstrate effective approaches in communicating to decision-makers how additive manufacturing technologies can streamline the manufacturing process, improve product life cycles, allow for flexible mass customization, and lead to increased productivity and profitability. In the second part, participants will apply this new knowledge and write their own business case.  Coaches are available to help participants hone their messages into a solid, compelling business case. Participants will also have access to America Makes technical business cases.  At the workshop’s conclusion, students will present their business cases to the group and receive feedback and ideas for improvement.

AM Standards – Defense industry priorities and addressing the Research and Development Gaps – (Jesse Chambers- Defense Standardization Program Office & Jim McCabe- American National Standards Institute) 

During this session, the 93 additive manufacturing standards gaps of the ANSI AMSC and America Makes Standardization Roadmap for Additive Manufacturing will be reviewed to prioritize the open gaps based on defense industry needs. Group members will then develop a Statement of Objective for the top gaps and how they can best be addressed through R&D projects.

Integrated AM Response Network Plan-  (John Wilczynski- America Makes & Federico Sciammarella-MxD)  The Advanced Manufacturing Crisis Production Response (AMCPR) initiative is a coordinated effort to bring together a broad ecosystem of designers, manufacturers, regulatory authorities, and the needs community to improve crisis response, while simultaneously leaving behind an enduring cloud-based infrastructure that ensures long-term supply chain resiliency. Based on experience and progress to date, continued efforts are required, although the requirements for the system need further definition.

This workshop will bring together representatives from across the ecosystem to discuss and document areas where additional investment and development is required to ensure a resilient supply chain. The workshop will investigate and provide recommendations for the following areas to focus around scaling and exercising capabilities:

    • Platform Improvement & Sustainment — Evolve the enabling technology platform that will operationalize key initiatives
    • Capability Expansion – Expand advanced manufacturing technologies and develop program capabilities through the execution of crisis and non-crisis scenarios, document and share lessons learned, and develop a repeatable process, in order to advance readiness to support an improvement in the nation’s preparedness enable broad-based supply chain resiliency.
    • Ecosystem Cultivation — Empower, grow, and mobilize stakeholders; Ecosystem and stakeholder analysis.
    • Regulation & Policy Management — Manage the process of ingesting evolving regulatory landscape and define and execute a plan that aids manufacturers in navigating IP and legal concerns.
    • Workforce Development  — Define and expand educational and workforce development efforts aligned to critical “Industry 4.0” skills and associated advanced manufacturing technologies that drive local, state, regional, and national benefits and offer a source of a qualified workforce.


AM Decision Making – The AM Business Case (Jim (Michael) Disch- UDRI, William Peterson- NPF, Ernesto Ureta- NPF, Timothy Vorakoumane- NPF & Stephen Kuhn-Hendricks- NPF) 

Decision-making for additive manufacturing (AM) in the DOD is a balance between the engineering feasibility of producing a part via AM (“can we”) and the business case for AM production (“should we”). In this working group, we will attempt to formally define (i.e. equations) the AM business case by considering the potential ramifications of AM across the supply chain: contracting, part production, shipping, storage, and readiness. After critically evaluating draft definitions, we will discuss opportunities and challenges for quantifying each component. Specifically, we will identify critical pieces of data and address how various AM use cases will influence the business case. Next, we will present views on the AM business case from representatives across the Military Services and commercial partners in regards to their current view of the AM business case, considerations specific to their Service/organization, and vision of the AM business case in a full AM capable DOD. Lastly, considering the topics presented throughout the workshop, the group will discuss next steps to establishing a standardized DOD perspective of the AM business case.

Common AM Data- AM Acceptability (Edilia Correa- DLA Technical Quality, Tony Delgado- DLA R&D, Chris Babcock- Deloitte & Thomas Barrett- Deloitte)

The workshop will provide participants a review of the Joint AM Acceptability (JAMA) project and seek feedback on the project’s approach. The JAMA effort was a collaboration between the Military Departments (MILDEPS) and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to meet the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s mandate to integrate AM into the supply chain.  The DLA and MILDEP partners developed a common AM Data Package approach which will be discussed in depth during the workshop.


University Day (Wednesday)

One Size Doesn’t Fit All:  The Role for Technology in Meeting the Multiple Workforce Challenges in Manufacturing (Dr. Ben Armstrong-MIT)

S. manufacturers continue to be challenged in finding the right workers with the right skills. Today, research from MIT’s Initiative for Knowledge and Innovation in Manufacturing argues that manufacturers are facing not one, but a set of related workforce challenges: a “skills shortage”, a “skills gap”, and a “wage gap.” In this presentation, MIT Research Scientist Dr. Ben Armstrong will detail these workforce challenges, provide a roadmap to creating scalable and sustained solutions, and describe the role that policy and acquisition strategy plays in moving forward.  Dr. Armstrong will provide examples of what some of the most advanced factories have done to address these challenges as evidence to the viability of his proposed approaches.

Joint Additive Manufacturing Model Exchange (JAMMEX) Demonstration- Government Only(Catrina Murphy-DLA & Vikas Sharma-22nd Century )  JAMMEX is the collaborative system for the exchange and sharing of 3D AM models across the DoD community.  JAMMEX fulfills the requirement of the OSD DTM-19-006 to provide an interoperable capability enabling DoD entities to procure, securely access, and share AM technical data.  This workshop will provide participants with a demonstration of the current functionalities of JAMMEX.   Participants will hear highlights about some of the system enhancements that are currently being worked on.  The discussion will also involve an exchange of ideas and feedback from the participants on lessons learned from working with AM repository systems and further suggested enhancements for JAMMEX.

DoD Additive Manufacturing Draft Guidebook Review (Michael Parkyn)

In this session on the draft DoD AM Guidebook, a discussion started at the 2020 workshop, participants will have an opportunity to learn more about the status and plans of this intended guide as well as how to contribute to its development.   The guidebook is intended to be a resource to assist with holistically implementing AM across the DoD in acquisition, technology development and application, engineering, and logistics.

Cybersecurity in Manufacturing Workforce (Lizabeth Stuck- MxD & Michael Gramoni- Workforce Development)

With the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 came a blitz of new and urgent concerns over cybersecurity. Manufacturing’s growing reliance on automation, advanced control systems, and remote work only expands the attack surface for cybercriminals. The Hiring Guide: Cybersecurity in Manufacturing is a playbook for building that urgently needed workforce. It describes 247 job roles; recommends how to train and upskill workers to handle these jobs, and breaks out detailed descriptions for three specific roles crucial to the future of cybersecurity. This presentation will highlight some of the most critical pathways and opportunities described in this detailed document with examples of execution (i.e. CyMOT). Participants should review documents. the goal is to determine what are the critical roles to ensure AM has a ready workforce as it relates to cybersecurity.



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June 14 (Day 1)

1:00pm – 3:00pm
Opening Remarks:  (Presentation)

  • Workshop Planning Committee
  • Rob Gold, Director Technology and Manufacturing Industrial Base OUSD (R&E)
  • Dr. Vic Ramdass, DASD Materiel Readiness, OUSD (A&S)

Overview of the 2021 Workshop from the Planning Committee (20 mins)

Presentations by Workgroups (70 mins – 10 min each):



Virtual Social Hosted by Marilyn Gaska, Lockheed Martin and the America Makes Maintenance & Sustainment Advisory Group (Zoom link will be sent to all registrants)


June 15 (Day 2)

1 pm – 5 pm ET – Working Sessions

1 pm – 3 pm ET – Workshop presentation and activities: Common AM Data

3 pm – 3:30 pm ET – Remaining time for “parking lot” items or outstanding questions (only as needed)


June 16 (Day 3)

University Day (Optional special sessions)


1-2 hour training or discussion session


Session options:

1:00 – 2:00 EDT   One Size Doesn’t Fit All:  The Role for Technology in Meeting the Multiple Workforce Challenges in Manufacturing

1:00 – 2:00 EDT  Training: JAMMEX Introduction   Government Only

1:00 – 3:00 EDT  DoD Additive Manufacturing Draft Guidebook Review

2:00 – 3:00 EDT  Presentation: Cybersecurity in Manufacturing Workforce


June 17 (Day 4)

1 pm – 5 pm ET – Working Sessions

1 pm – 3 pm ET – Workshop presentation and activities: Common AM Data

3 pm – 3:30 pm ET – Remaining time for “parking lot” items or outstanding questions (only as needed)


June 21 (Day 5)

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

  • Introduction – Workshop Planning Committee (10 mins)  (Presentation)
  • Outbriefs from each Working Groups 1-4 (20 mins each)
    • Research & Development to Advance AM Qualification and Certification – Mark Benedict, Jennifer Wolk, Jeffrey Gaddes, Brandon Ribic  (Presentation)
    • Cybersecurity – Jon Powvens, Greg Shannon, Larry Lynch, Adwoa Amofa   (Presentation)
    • Common AM Data Package Approach (JAMA) – Edilia Correa, Tony Delgado, Michael Ridgway, Chris Babcock, David Wittes   (Presentation)
    • Education and AM Workforce Development – Josh Cramer  (Presentation)
  • 20 minute Break
  • Outbriefs from each Working Groups 5-7 (20 mins each)
      • AM Standards – Defense industry priorities and addressing the Research and Development gaps – Jesse Chambers & Jim McCabe  (Presentation)
      • Integrated AM Network Response – How industry and government can work together to respond to urgent and important needs – John Wilczynski & Federico Sciammarella  (Presentation)
      • AM Decision Making – Business Case Analysis for AM in the defense industry – Stephen Kuhn-Hendricks, William Peterson, Ernesto Ureta, Timothy Vorakoumane  (Presentation)


  • Closing Remarks & Discussion (30 mins):
  • Rob Gold, Director Technology and Manufacturing  Industrial Base OUSD (R&E)
  • Dr. Vic Ramdass, DASD Materiel Readiness, OUSD (A&S)
  • Workshop Planning Committee

Final Report

2021 AM Workshop_Final Report (Draft v2.0)
Appendix C – AM Wkshp 2021 Opening Plenary Jun 14 2021
Appendix D – AM Wkshp 2021 Closing Plenary Jun 21 2021
Appendix E – Survey Results
Appendix F – AM Stds Backup Slides
Appendix G – 061521 Defense Industry AM Standardization Gap Priorities


For more information and the scope of the AMMO efforts

Last year’s briefing link: https://ammo.ncms.org/events/2020-additive-manufacturing-workshop/#agenda

Final Report link: https://ammo.ncms.org/resources/?drawer=Resources*AM%20Wargames*2020

DoD Additive Manufacturing Strategy:  https://www.cto.mil/dod-additive-manufacturing-strategy/

DoD AM Policy Link: https://www.esd.whs.mil/Portals/54/Documents/DD/issuances/dodi/500093p.PDF?ver=t9U2MxdIBhofxnEOhrcx6A%3d%3d


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Date(s) - 06/14/2021 - 06/21/2021
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